Interviews are daunting. Interviews for corporate law firms are particularly daunting. There are group interviews, individual interviews, in-person interviews, virtual interviews, and pre-recorded video interviews.

In Ireland, a leading corporate law firm will interview 50-100 candidates. It will make 15-40 offers. In the UK, a leading law firm will interview 100-150 candidates. It will make 15-60 offers.

Our course will equip you with the skills you need to turn an interview into an offer.

What do we offer?

Our package is a unique combination of:

  • Our Interview Training Course (which is held online via zoom); and
  • A 1:1 mock interview (for one hour, which consists of a 45 minute interview plus 15 minutes of detailed feedback and expert tips), giving you the opportunity to experience what an interview at a corporate law firm is like.
  • We provide you with feedback, tips and suggestions in a safe learning space. The mock interview is conducted by Diana Diamond, formerly the Head of Trainee Recruitment and Development at Ireland’s largest law firm.

Interview Training Course

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to be memorable
  2. What questions you will be asked – plus specific advice to help you perfect your answers
  3. What types of interviews different firms use
  4. How to answer competency-based questions
  5. How to prepare for a virtual interview

The course aims to equip you with the knowledge to enable you to approach your interview confidently.

Enrol Now

Our classes are run live, online, via zoom, on the first and third Thursday of each month, and are capped at a maximum of five participants.

The course fee is €175 (including VAT), which includes both the interview training course and a one-to-one mock interview (including detailed feedback and tips) with Diana Diamond.

The fee is refundable up to 24 hours before the course is scheduled to begin.

To enrol now, simply book your slot on the calendar below, which will also accept either PayPal or credit/debit cards to process payments:

Want to learn more?

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